Bev Goldberg


A timid laugh travels through the telephone. Bev Goldberg has once again coaxed this reaction from another of the clients who are quite relaxed in her hands.

A seasoned veteran of the catering arena, Bev has been plying her trade for several decades. The original owner of Artistry Catering, she is now working with Shirley’s Catering in order to continue serving clients in the only way she knows: with superior food, excellent presentation and attentive service. This is done with genuine personal interest and enjoyment.

Bev grew up in Arlington, Virginia, graduated from Washington – Lee High School, and attended University of Maryland before she married Ron Goldberg (a native of DC). With 3 sons to feed, she quickly learned to navigate in the kitchen, and developed such a love of cooking, planning and entertaining that when someone asked her to cater a luncheon for them…well, the rest is just old fashioned history.

Over the years, clients have come with special dietary needs: allergies, Kosher, and cultural . Bev is ready to accommodate and accept a challenge.

Always loving to write, Bev has had articles published in Engaged! Magazine, the Washington Post, and community papers. She has edited a cookbook, and is presently working to complete a cookbook of her own.

Her work philosophy/ethic is to respond quickly to inquiries, establish an atmosphere of total trust and confidence for her clients, and be certain that the client’s event has the very best of everything.