Holiday Party Catering Services

Call Shirley’s for a No-Stress Virginia Holiday Party Catering Experience!

holiday-party-cateringToo many people these days spend the holidays stressed out and strung out. For some people, just flipping the calendar from October to November can induce an anxiety attack about how to manage the endless cavalcade of family get-togethers and work parties. Instead of giving in to the stress this year, why not call Shirley’s Catering for the ultimate no-stress holiday party catering experience? We here at Shirley’s Catering are a friendly team of experienced catering professionals. We not only know how to provide scrumptious food, from the first hors d’oeuvres as the guests arrive, to the last melt-in-your-mouth dessert course—we are passionate about helping to make your holiday party a smashing success.

From the very moment you pick up the phone and call us, to clean-up after your last guest departs, we start working on a plan with you that includes the holiday party catering menu, the decorations, the schedule and the logistics of the party itself. Whether you are planning a large gathering of 211 guests, or just a small family affair with 8 guests, we are responsive to your needs and vision for your holiday party. We have an extensive collection of mouth-watering recipes that are sure to please even the pickiest eater. Not only that, but if you or your guests have special dietary needs, we are always ready with delicious recipes that can be gluten or nut-free, diabetic-friendly, low-calorie, vegetarian, Kosher, Halal, or whatever you and your guests need. Our goal is to make sure everyone leaves your party with a full stomach and a broad smile!

We also work with you on the logistics of the holiday party catering area in your home, office or other venue to make sure guests are served promptly and happily. For some larger gatherings, that means setting up two catering stations. We are also very creative about using smaller spaces so that the buffet lines travel smoothly. Either way, we are eager to make sure your guests don’t wait in long lines and can get right down to the business of enjoying the food and your company!

Our holiday party catering team is also full of creative, stunning ideas for decorations for the party as well. From grand centerpieces at the catering table, to fun and festive table decorations for the guests, we have ideas, ideas, and more ideas! So whether you have ideas of your own you want us to work with, or whether you need advice, we are responsive and helpful because we want your holiday party catering experience to be top notch. Take a look at our gallery for some of our catering setup and decoration ideas!

We must also mention here that holiday party catering isn’t just for the mad dash through the holidays of November and December. There are 10 other months in the years full of holidays that we are ready to help you celebrate! So whether you want to throw a St. Patrick’s Day bash, a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, or a Halloween costume ball, we are ready to help you with all of your holiday party catering needs!


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