Hanukkah Party Catering Services

There’s nothing like throwing a Hanukkah party for family and friends to celebrate the miracle that kept the menorah burning in the Temple for those 8 nights on just one little drop of oil. The Festival of Lights is a time to celebrate, bring your loved ones together and light up those dark nights of winter with delicious food, fun games, and twinkling, festive decorations to commemorate light and miracles. It is not a time to be stressed out, which is where Shirley’s Catering comes in—call us today at (703) 239-0102 for delicious and stress-free Hanukkah party catering!

Hanukkah Party Foods

There seem to be just as many ways to make a latke as there are ways to spell Hanukkah, or Channukah or Hunnakah—actually, there are probably more! (There are 16 ways to spell the holiday, but hundreds of ways to make a latke, all of which are oil fried to a lovely, fragrant crisp!) Our Hanukkah party catering team is ready to take on your favorite recipe, whether it’s for latkes, brisket, rugelach, noodle kugel, sufganiyot, loukoumades, bunuelos in schmaltz, Dreidel cookies or even a Hanukkah cupcake tower! Whether your latkes are made with sweet potatoes and spinach or served with cranberry applesauce or sour cream, we love all the possible and delicious variations that can be made with the freshest, most delicious ingredients to make your Hanukkah party really shine! Our creative chefs can also make classic and new-fangled Hanukkah goodies for those with special dietary concerns without sacrificing taste—so just ask us!

Hanukkah Party Decorations

In addition to cooking up a Hanukkah party feast your grandmother would be proud of, our catering team is great with decorations that can brighten the party. Blue and white, silver and gold… we realize that every family has special traditional aspects for their table, but if you were thinking of raising the bar on the decorations for this Festival of Lights, our Hanukkah party catering team has loads of sparkly, festive ideas to dress up the whole room, or wherever you will be holding your party.

Hanukkah Games and Music for Your Party

Having fun, spinning the Dreidels and singing songs are all essential parts of those 8 nights of wonder. We’re sure you probably have favorite family traditions, but our Hanukkah party caterers also have a host of ideas for new games to play at your party. One idea that is fun for groups of adults as well as family gatherings is “Mystery Maccabi,” of which there are several variations, all of which entail drawing names out of hats and secretly getting a gift for or doing something special for the person whose name you drew. A silver and gold gelt version of the classic “Connect 4” game is fun for kids, and a “flip the latke” contest will have everybody laughing! And we can hook you up with a great Hanukkah music playlist for the DJ as well!

Spend more time playing and less time stressing this year!

Call on Shirley’s Catering’s Hanukkah party catering squad for all of your Hanukkah party needs: 703-239-0102.


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