Meredith Goff

meredith-goff-fairfax-burke-caterer-180-newMeredith is a veteran staff member of Shirley’s Catering. In the early 2000s, Meredith began helping out as a part time banquet server for Shirley on summer and winter breaks from college, alongside her mom, who worked as a cold prep/sous chef. After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in History, and a few failed attempts at the corporate world, Meredith settled in as a jack of all trades for Shirley’s Catering. Over the years she has worked as a sales associate, sous chef, baker, bartender, server, event manager and event coordinator. Meredith has also taken on advertising, marketing and social media responsibilities for Shirley. Planning, working and executing events are her passions.

In her spare time Meredith enjoys painting, crafting, baking and being outdoors. She also sings in a classic rock cover band called Waiting Man. The band performs locally and all the money made from t-shirt sales and raffles go towards various local charities. She is a huge animal lover; a mommy to two sweet, playful and very rambunctious kitties and a loyal fan of all the local DC sports teams, even still admittedly a Redskins fan.

As a child Meredith watched her mom host parties, cook all the food and entertain the guests. She enjoyed assisting her mom at parties and tending to the guests and friends, refilling their drinks and cleaning up the trash. Hospitality is in her blood. It’s always something Meredith wanted to do. Her dream is to one day own a bed and breakfast where she can cook and tend to her guests all of the time! If you ask Meredith why she is always smiling while she is working, she would say “[It’s] because I have such a rewarding job! I always get instant gratification for my efforts! After all the sweat, muscle and back pain, when everyone is having fun and thanking you for what you put together, you know it’s all worth it.”