Catering Services for Valentines day Dinner

Valentine’s Day can be a very emotional day for… well… everyone. Maybe you’re planning to propose to your significant other on that special day. Maybe you want to show your significant other how much you appreciate all he or she does and celebrate that love you have shared for many years. Or maybe you hate Valentine’s Day! Well… wherever, and with whomever you stand on Valentine’s Day, let Shirley’s Catering team make it absolutely delicious! Here are some ideas our Valentine’s dinner catering team would like to share with you:

Taking Love to the Next Level, Gourmet Style

An intimate dinner for two is the perfect setting for declaring your undying love to that special someone… and maybe even popping the question! Or maybe not? Well, wherever you are in your relationship, a catered gourmet dinner for Valentine’s will certainly give you a chance to chat and gaze deeply into each other’s eyes while someone else does the cooking, serving and cleaning up. This is so much better than just dinner and a movie. Restaurants can be crowded on Valentines, making it a less intimate experience. But what about a private catered evening picnic (indoors or out, depending on the weather), or just the two of you (and, of course, those of us bringing the amazing food) somewhere special that means something to you both? Give us a call and let us know what your sweetheart loves to eat… and we will come up with a personalized menu that will absolutely stun his or her taste buds. We can even take care of the décor and give you all kinds of romantic venue suggestions! Seriously— surprise your valentine with a great gourmet dinner for two with our Valentine’s Day catering team and let it be an experience neither of you will ever forget!

Valentine’s Day Catering for the Whole Family

Valentine’s day is about love… not just romance! Have your parents been married for a few decades? Arrange a special Valentine’s Dinner to celebrate the two of them! Would you like your whole family to celebrate how awesome it is just to be a family and all of the things you mean to each other? Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to do this. We can cater a special dinner for your whole family! You can choose from our wide variety of menus, or we can work with your favorite family recipes. And our chefs are extremely adept at making delicious meals even for those with special dietary needs or concerns. Just talk with us!

Happy Un-Valentine’s Day Catering? You Bet!

Look, we understand that not everybody has found that special someone yet. And there’s nothing like Valentine’s Day to kind of rub those of us still “available” the wrong way. Well, we haven’t forgotten about you! Don’t let the love birds have all the fun, that’s what we say! Get a few of your fellow singles together and have a rip-roaring, gourmet catered Valentine’s dinner (or Un-valentine’s dinner, as the case may be) of your own! We can put on a gourmet spread any of our attached friends would be completely jealous of! Dinner and a movie? Ha! How about a ginormous cupcake tower for you and your friends at a sweet local Northern Virginia venue, or a mystery costume cocktail party, or a smashing English tea party? Come on! Shirley’s Valentine’s catering team can help you organize a truly awesome party for you, your friends or your family!

Make this coming Valentine’s Day one to remember for all the right reasons, no matter what reasons they are! Shirley’s Catering will make it special and delicious!

Call us today at 703-239-0102 and let’s talk about a menu that you (and those special people in your life) will fall in love with!


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