Corporate Catering Services

Shirley’s has provided inspired catering for corporate events for well over a decade, making delicious experiences for team members, management and clients alike. We’ve found that the key to success in catering corporate events is creativity, and our corporate caterers have that in spades. With creative menus, theme ideas and responsiveness to your company’s needs, we can cook up a delicious, healthy corporate event that gets your team’s creative juices flowing, stays within budget, and makes your clients ask for more! If you are too busy doing what you do best to worry about catering corporate events for your staff or clients, don’t worry. We have everything from interactive buffet and dessert stations to sandwiches and breakfasts. This is what we do best, and we have a lot of great ideas!

Catering Corporate Events Idea #1: Brainstorming Breakfast

Is your team up against a tough deadline, trying to sort out a customer conundrum, or trying to come up with the next great American success story? Let us fuel your team with a brainstorming breakfast! We have many breakfast menu options from which to choose, and we can also work with you on custom orders, particularly if you have team members with special dietary needs. No matter what the order, we use the freshest local, natural ingredients and chef inspired recipes to help your staff power through any crisis.

Our Corporate Caterers Suggest Idea #2: Invite Clients to Lunch

Are you launching a new product or service and want to introduce it to your clients or potential clients? Are you eager to show your appreciation to those clients who have been with you through the years? Why not invite them to a delicious lunch where they can strengthen ties with your team and further associate your company with the word “amazing?” We have a wide variety of lunch entrees, entrée salads, pasta dishes, side dishes and desserts to delight and entertain your guests. To make it even more personal, if you know a client has any special dietary concerns, our corporate caterers can prepare something especially for them. Just let us know! We can even come up with creative, themed décor to go along with the amazing food to add that special extra touch your clients will remember.

Catering for Corporate Events Idea #3: After-Work Cocktail Party

If your team has been working hard lately, treat them to a little something special after work. We have an extensive Hors D’oeuvres menu full of savory and sweet bites, as well as beverages alcoholic and non-alcoholic. This special treat will let your staff know you appreciate their hard work and inspire them to new heights with memories of our delicious food and relaxing conversation! We have so many ideas for catering corporate events like this. Just contact us and we can discuss your needs!

Our Corporate Caterers Also Suggest Idea #4: Sandwiches!

If your team is going to be at work late, they will need some sustenance to keep going until the job is done. To keep them inspired as the clock ticks away, our corporate caterers can swoop in with some amazingly delicious sandwiches. We have a long, long list of different sandwich combinations so that everyone on your team will feel special, nourished and re-energized for the project!

Catering for corporate events is one of the things we love to do best. From holiday parties and cocktail parties to brainstorming breakfasts and client appreciation luncheons, Shirley’s can delight and inspire. It’s always our pleasure to nourish and delight hard working people, so call us today at (703) 239-0102 and let us help you take your next corporate event to the next level!


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