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Imbibing Fun and Knowledge: Shirley’s Virginia Wine Tasting Catering Experts Can Bring Sophisticated Fun to Your Next Gathering

wine-tasting-cateringWine tasting parties are a great way to bring together a small group of friends for an enriching, enjoyable and tasty experience. Here at Shirley’s we bring our expertise in wine tasting catering to everyone who wants to learn more about the art and science of pairing the perfect wine with the perfect food—and have fun doing it at the same time! Wine tasting parties certainly can be formal affairs, or they can be classy, yet casual, or even exotic! Our wine tasting catering services experts can help you design and bring together a delicious, aromatic and thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Ideas for a Wine Tasting Catering Experience

Shirley’s Catering has helped hundreds of clients design magnificent Virginia wine tasting parties that their friends raved about for weeks afterwards. One of the first things we discuss with our customers is the theme for their party. While many people think that a wine tasting is a stodgy, monolithic affair, the truth is that there are so many ways to create a wine tasting catering experience, that there is certainly a way to personalize one for you and your guests. That said, the best wine tasting parties do have a theme and a focus; with such a dizzying variety of wines in the world, it is important to choose a focus, whether your guests are wine connoisseurs, or newbies. Our wine tasting catering pros can help you select a choice group of 3 to 5 wines that fall into a certain category, and then design a menu and a party around them. Here are just a few theme ideas:

Focus on One Vineyard: We love catering wine tasting parties that showcase the various varieties and vintages of particular vineyards. Whether you already have a favorite, or need suggestions for some great vineyards, this is one great idea for a gathering of close friends.

Focus on the Wines of a Particular Regional: Our wine tasting catering experts can help you select a small group of wines of the same variety from different vineyards in a particular region. This is a wonderful way to learn about the foods and wines of a particular area of interest, either domestically, or internationally.

Focus on a Vintage: By selecting a variety of wines from the same vintage, you could host a historically-themed wine tasting party, complete with costumes and decorations. There are so many options here; contact us for ideas!

World Wide Wines: For a travel-minded group of friends, our wine tasting catering staff can help you throw an international wine tasting party by selecting wines from around the world, along with the cuisines that go with those wines. To keep it simple, we would help you select one particular variety of wine, and then help you select wines of that type from Europe, various regions around the United States, South Africa, Australia, etc.

The possibilities for different combinations of the above ideas are truly endless. And the occasions for hosting a wine tasting party are just as varied: wedding parties, anniversaries, birthdays, tourism promotion events, themed parties, as an alternative to the traditional cocktail party… the list goes on. Our wine tasting catering experts can help you design the perfect party for you and your guests! Call us at 703-239-0102 and let’s plan your next Virginia wine tasting party!


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