Baseball Party Catering Services

Baseball is rife with its own food traditions. You know them: hot dogs, peanuts, Cracker Jack… glorious stadium food! But every town with a baseball team has its own unique local food traditions too. Maybe your favorite slugger is famous for loving a certain kind of food. Or maybe some of the baseball fans coming to your party are allergic to peanuts, so you’ll have to make your little ball park a peanut-free zone. No problem! We can do caramel corn sans peanuts, baseball-decorated cakes, cupcakes, hot apple pies, a hotdogs and nachos bar with all of the fixin’s, an ice cream cone stand, a BBQ rib buffet—no matter what your team craves this baseball season, Shirley’s catering will help you hit a homerun with all your guests! Just give us a call and let’s talk about the menu!

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team!

OK, so whether you’re rooting for the Nationals, or any other team you’re homesick for, we’ve got you covered. We have lots of great decorating ideas that can put you in the home team mood, even if you’re away from home and rooting for a team outside of Northern Virginia. We can whip up some great local specialties too! Just let us know what home foods you’re craving and we can deliver!

Part of the charm of stadium food, of course, is the wrapping it comes in. We can put those chili dogs in stadium wrappers, we can make customized Cracker Jack boxes just for your party, and we can work with you on decking out your space to make it feel like you’re really at the game. How about instead of classic trays of high-fallutin’ hors d’ oeuvres circulating through the crowd, we welcome guests with a classic “food vendor” handing out baseball-themed finger foods and classic baseball stadium beverages? All you need next is the baseball stadium organ playing in the background and an eye on the score and you’ve got yourself a real baseball party catering win that hits it right out of the ballpark!

So if you plan on throwing a baseball-themed party this spring, give Shirley’s Catering a call today at 703-239-0102 and we can talk menus, venues and favorite teams!

Customer Testimonial

 The food was perfect and all items were delicious and beautifully garnished. We had quite a few sandwhiches left over (not a problem, we sent home doggie bags with happy guests), but the fruit and salad amounts were perfect. Just FYI, the salad got particularly rave reviews!Thank you so much. Best decision I ever made was to give you a call! Will keep you in mind for future events, for sure.

Karen D.

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