Halloween Catering Services


It’s All Treats for You! Let Shirley’s Halloween Catering Spook and Delight Your Guests!

The nights are growing chillier. The darkness falls earlier. The smell of apples and spices, pumpkins and falling leaves waft through the air. The kids can’t make up their minds about their costume for October 31st. We don’t know about you, our wizard chefs here at Shirley’s always get a little giddy during the Halloween season. We’ve been a Northern Virginia Halloween caterer for years and this really is one of our favorite times of the year because it is so much fun! From corporate Halloween parties to haunted houses and masquerade balls, Shirley’s Halloween catering services can spook up your décor while keeping the ghouls and goblins from playing tricks on you by appeasing them with the most enchantingly delicious treats.

Today’s monsters, witches, princesses and superheroes have more discerning tastes than ever. This is where we excel as Halloween caterers: our wizards can work magic with food! From full-blown dinner menus to toast the darkening skies of autumn, to spooky, yet amazingly delicious finger foods (yes, we can make them look like fingers too) that put a new spin on Halloween treats, Shirley’s Halloween catering team is ready to surprise and delight your guests, no matter what age, or what the theme of your party. And we can appease a wide variety of spooks as well. Do you have a Frankenstein who needs gluten-free fare? A witch who is allergic to nuts? A vegetarian Spiderman? Don’t worry. Our food magicians can concoct the most delicious treats to satisfy every apparition at your spooky shindig.

Of course, Halloween is all about the mood and the decorations too. While our food wizards whip up enchanting comestibles, our décor specialists work with you to create just the right mood for your party. We consider it an essential aspect of our Halloween catering service. Every family and organization approaches Halloween just a little bit differently. Some go for the all-out haunted house theme. Others like a more classic European masquerade ball approach. Some like to use movie themes ranging from pirates to outer space B-movie themes. As Halloween caterers with years of experience designing amazing party experiences, we can provide a lot of ideas that will create just the right mood to go along with the delicious food. Your guests will be amazed!

One of the treats of hiring Shirley’s Halloween catering team is that you can have all of this fun and not have to clean up after it! So as the host, you can mix and mingle with your guests to your heart’s content without ever worrying about the setup, keeping everybody’s plates full, glasses raised or cleaning up after the last robot goes home. This stress relief is a huge help, especially as Halloween is the unofficial lead-in to the even busier holidays ahead. Speaking of which, we Halloween caterers magically transform ourselves into Thanksgiving caterers the very next day.

So call on Shirley’s Halloween catering wizards at (703) 239-0102 to scare the stress right out of your holiday! Enjoy Halloween in all of its spooky splendor while we cook you up some tasty treats to ring in the delights of autumn!


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