You Work Hard: Let Shirley’s Virginia Corporate Catering Company Cook for Your Next Event!

We live and work here in Northern Virginia and have heard many of our friends in the corporate world complain about the unimaginative fare they’ve often suffered at various corporate events they’ve attended. So here at Shirley’s Catering, we saw a need that had to be filled: delicious, healthy and innovative Virginia corporate catering services! Shirley’s takes corporate catering to an entirely new and innovative level with delicious, exotic and health-conscious meals of every kind. We cater entirely to your needs with the goal of inspiring your employees by filling them up with nourishing, tasty meals that get their creative juices flowing… or that tempt your clients into buying because they are so overwhelmed with your good taste!

As a Virginia corporate catering company, Shirley’s Catering has been inspiring sales reps, R & D guys and marketing executives with delicious, exotic foods and imaginative catering presentations for more than a decade. To us, corporate catering services are about more than just putting fuel in your employee’s stomachs: it’s about creativity, inspiration and above all, good taste. Whether you need to impress clients with a delicious, yet nutritious breakfast during a presentation, treat your employees to a rewards brunch, serve lunch at a team-building exercise, or provide a stunning meal and decorations for your corporate holiday party, our mission is to serve you all something fabulous. Please peruse our long list of menu options, but also keep in mind that if you have other ideas, our chefs are eager to work with you to create the experience you envision.

Shirley’s corporate catering services provide inspiration during your corporate event! Not only do we have a wide variety of menu options that will leave everyone with smiles on their faces, but we work with each of our clients directly to develop a creative presentation including music and décor that fits with your overall theme. Just take a look through the pictures in our gallery to see what we mean. Our chefs and staff are professionals who understand that a Virginia corporate catering company needs to provide the total package: a delicious synergy of flavor and experience that will spur your team to greater performance and morale—or convince your clients that they want to buy!

Shirley’s Virginia corporate catering company is also highly aware of the rich diversity in today’s NOVA workplace, and that it extends into the dietary needs and desires of our customers. Not only do we have a wide variety of exotic menus and more traditional fare from which to choose, we also have many options for people who need vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, allergy-conscious, low-sodium and low-sugar dishes. Our chefs also insist on finding the best local, sustainable and organically-produced ingredients for our meals. We want all of our clients to enjoy the flavor and the health benefits of our corporate catering services! A healthy, happy employee equals better work performance!

To discover more about Shirley’s corporate catering services in Virginia, please call us at (703) 239-0102.

Our innovative chefs and support staff are ready to help you create your best corporate breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or party ever!


Friendly professional service, elegant creative presentations, and great tasting foods - all the right ingredients for your perfect event.