Picnics Are More Fun When They Are Catered!

If this is the first time you have thought about having a Picnic catered, then tell yourself what a good idea it is going to be! The food can be brought to the picnic site; if you would like, we can provide help in serving and cleaning up.

There are different kinds of picnics: Fried Chicken and Corn on the cob; Hot Dogs & Hamburgers with Potato Salad; Chips and Chicken Salad; Sandwiches; Cheese and Fruit or a Barbecue with Ribs, Chicken and Side Dishes. You let us know what you would like to serve, and we will take care of everything – including plates, napkins, beverages, and ‘wet wipes’.

This is a great area for picnics. We have many parks, and a lot of months with decent picnic weather.

Please fill out our Contact Us form or Call Shirley’s Catering at (703) 239 0102.